Opole University DNA bank

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    A history of the Opole University DNA bank reaches back to 2008, and is connected with the beginning of the Laboratory of the Molecular Technics (LabMoTech) at the Department of Biosystematics (founded by Prof. Barbara Lis)

 Tritomegas sexmaculatus (Ramb.), a burrower bug (Heteroptera: Cydnidae), was the first species with mitochondrial and nuclear DNA analyzed in our LabMoTech.

  Since that time we have investigated about a hundred species what resulted in almost a thousand sequences for mitochondrial (12S, 16S, COI, cyt. b) and nuclear (18S, 28S) subunits DNA fragments (see: the bank statistics).

  At present, the Opole University DNA bank is the largest one in Poland when the insect DNA is considered, and the European largest heteropteran DNA sequences databank.

Heteroptera Study Group
Department of Biosystematics
Opole University
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Jerzy A. Lis, phone: +48 (77) 401 6012, e-mail: cydnus@uni.opole.pl
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