Family Dinidoridae - general information

obraz - Fig. 1. Megymenum sumatranum.jpgFamily DINIDORIDAE Stål, 1870
Small pentatomoid family including 16 genera and about 100 species. It is distributed primarily in tropics of the Old World region, whereas only the type genus is known from the Neotropical Region. Apparently they are phytophagous, and prefers cucurbits; some of them are of economic importance (for instance, the red pumpkin bug – Coridius ianus (F.), a pest of cucurbit crops in India) [Lis J.A. 2006. Dinidoridae Stål, 1867. [in:] Aukema B. & Rieger H. (eds.) Catalogue of the Heteroptera of the Palaearctic Region. Volume 5. Pentatomomorpha II. The Netherlands Entomological Society, Wageningen, 228-232.]
Basic literature:
World revision: Durai, 1987; Cladistic analysis of the subfamily Megymeninae: Kocorek & J.A. Lis, 2000; Old World checklist:  J.A. Lis, 1990; World catalogue: Rolston et al., 1996; Palaearctic Region catalogue: J.A. Lis 2006; Biology: Schaefer & Ahmad, 1987 (host plants); J.A. Lis, 1991 (larvae); Morphology: J.A. Lis & Kocorek, 1997 (hindwing venation); Lis et al., 2002 (pretarsal structures).

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