Amnestus raunoi a synonym of A. pusillus

The genus Amnestus was described by Dallas in 1851, as a New World genus, and it was ratified by Froeschner (1960) in his revision for the Western Hemisphere Cydnidae. Jerzy A. Lis (1998), in a short paper and based on one male and three females collected by Linnavouri in Iran in 1994, described Amnestus raunoi, as the first representative of the subfamily Amnestinae in the Old World. Later, Linnavouri collected A. raunoi in several regions of the Gilan Province; in the localities of Sume-eh Sara, Anzali, Dashte-Veel, Rasht, Seravan, also in Iran (Linnavouri, 2007). Ghahari et al. (2009) in their catalog of the Iranian bur rower bugs, reported A. raunoi only for the Gilan Province. Lis (1998) in his paper mentioned its similarity to Amnestus pusillus Uhler, distributed from Canada to Guatemala. Recently we received a loan from the Cardiff Museum with representatives of Amnestus raunoi that came from the same type locality where the species was described. After reviewing all the external characters and measurements, including prosternal carina, spines of legs, and other characters, and comparing it with more than 250 specimens of Amnestus pusillus, we now discover that all of them correspond to the same species. Males were dissected and the parameres studied, which according to our knowledge of this genus a very good character to differentiate and ratify the species. And the study of the parameres also showed that both species are the same. Therefore, according to our findings, we conclude that Amnestus raunoi is a synonym of Amnestus pusillus, a species with wide distribution in the American continent. It may be that a few specimens of Amnestus pusillus were carried through the agency of man to Iran; a population was established and then it moved to several places of the Gilan Province.

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